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My Aviary Cheats codes that work:

Latest update on new cheat codes for My Aviary is made on 05.19.2022. To unlock in app purchase for My Aviary for free just check our tutorial below and use codes for My Aviary presented:

  • 500 Eggs - $3.99 - MA_35806661
  • 1250 Eggs - $7.99 - MA_26819659
  • 3000 Eggs - $15.99 - MA_43758708
  • 7000 Eggs - $29.99 - MA_40850558
  • Forest Pack - $9.99 - MA_26039415
  • Cliffs Pack - $9.99 - MA_41028005
  • Jungle Pack - $9.99 - MA_19492856
  • Starter Pack - $4.99 - MA_73489568

How to use cheat codes for My Aviary

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